ISA Membership

Membership to the International Saikei Association

The International Saikei Association is a Member based organisation and we need your support in order to support you as you grow in your appreciation of the art of Saikei. We are seeking to recruit as many Members at all levels of experience to make the International Saikei Association an organisation that represents a broad community of developing artist. What ever your experience, where ever you call home join us as we move forward in our understanding of Saikei.

As an international association we welcome Members from around the world to enrich our understanding of the material available and develop the national tone of Saikei in a supporting community.

You can learn more about the various Saikei activities around the world by visiting the international page or the educational opertunities by using the learning tab.

If you have any questions about becoming a member or other information please email us at

A Member receives the Introductory Certificate in Saikei from one of our Directors